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These Web links are selected for their usefulness for information and self-help by CAPITAL member organizations and their members on consumer, governmental, health, legal and other topics of interest. The emphasis is on informational websites that help immigrants and children of immigrants navigate in unfamiliar areas. Websites with API-language materials are preferred, but most of what is out there is in English. If you have a suggested addition within this guideline, contact webmaster Stephanie Nguyen.

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National Asian Pacific American Families Against Substance Abuse
NAPAFASA is a nonprofit addressing API Americans' alcohol, tobacco, and other drug problems. Its Fact Sheets page has information on Asian Pacific Islander substance abuse.

Office of Problem Gambling (a part of the Cal. Dept. of Alcohol and Drug Programs)
This site contains much useful information on problem gambling, aimed at gamblers and their families. The entire site is available in seven languages. The site includes a free self-help workbook, "Freedom from Problem Gambling," which you can download in 20 languages.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (a part of USDHHS)
SAMHSA's publications home page has links to numerous free downloadable documents under its tabs on "Issues," "Substances" and "Treatment."


CAPITAL member organizations needing action by governmental bodies, notably the California Legislature, can obtain information and learn to advocate their causes through the following organizations and individuals:

The American Association of Retired Persons' page on "Issues and Elections" lists issues of interest to seniors and senior advocates.

American Foundation for Equal Rights
The American Foundation for Equal Rights does judicial advocacy for marriage equality for GLBT people. Its website contains news of the court case challenging Proposition 8, Perry v. Schwarzenegger, including transcripts of the trial and the trial decision.  

Asian Americans for Civil Rights and Equality
AACRE is the API community's legislative advocacy arm in Sacramento, now with its own web page.

Asian Pacific Islander American Health Forum
APIAHF is a national health advocacy organization with information on health issues of concern to the API communities.

Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones
Dave Jones, an Advisor to CAPITAL who now is the California Insurance Commissioner, continues to advocate on behalf of APIs and other consumers. His web page has current projects and contact information.

Lambda Letters Project
The Lambda Letters Project does legislative advocacy for people of color, women, the poor, and of course the GLBTI and AIDS/HIV communities.

API Demographics

The Asian and Pacific Islander American Health Forum's API Resources page points to a variety of population, socioeconomic status and health information sheets on API groups.

California Office of Multicultural Health
The California Department of Health Services' Office of Multicultural Health's publications page can get you health-related demographic studies and a link to DHS's health publications finder.

CSUS Asian American Studies
Asian American Studies has posted a wonderful report on local API demographics, assembled with the help of a CAPITAL Foundation grant.

Southeast Asia Resource Action Center
SEARAC, located in Sacramento and D.C., has a Southeast Asian American Online Resource Center page linking to, among other things, a Southeast Asian American Statistical Profile.

Consumer Information and Services

Annual Credit Report
By going to this site, operated under legal mandate by the three major national credit reporting services (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion), you can get your credit report from each service once per year at no charge.

Beehive Sacramento
This "Sacramento Region's homepage" is a web-based information and referral service of the Community Services Planning Council. It offers links to information and community resources for the areas of law, health, education, and more.

Better Business Bureau
The BBB system responds to millions of inquiries each year, provides information about charity groups and organizations, helps resolve consumers' disputes with businesses through telephone conciliation, mediation and arbitration, and promotes ethical business standards and voluntary self-regulation of business practices.

Federal Citizen Information Center's Consumer Action Website
This site, run by the U.S. General Services Administration, has a wealth of information for consumers in areas from Banking through Wills and Funerals. Look for "Consumer Topics" on the left side of the page.

Federal Government Information
What you want to know about the federal government (and other governments) is likely to be on the U.S. General Services Administration's USA.gov site. Try the "FAQ" link at the bottom of the page to search hundreds of FAQs.

Sacramento Bee Databases
you can look up Sacramento County restaurant inspection data by restaurant name, location and inspection result; State workers' salaries; California's teacher pay district-by-district; California's school dropout rates; arrests and crimes by location, and possibly other data in the future.

Crime Prevention

California Attorney General
Visit the Attorney General's SafeState website, and specifically its Publications page, for downloadable publications on child abuse, elder abuse, gangs and a host of other crime-prevention-related topics.

California Department of Corporations
The Department's website has a list of escrow scam alerts regarding escrow agents operating outside the law. It has information like the leaflet, "Top Financial Scams," available in several API languages, and a Senior Financial Protection Plan Self-Commitment Form, to help investors deal with investment salespersons. The Department also has a list of alerts about investment scams.

California Office of Privacy Protection
If you are a victim of identity theft, or are concerned that you might become one, the State of California's Office of Privacy Protection explains how you can place a "security freeze" on your files with the three major national credit reporting services (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion) so that nobody can open credit accounts in your name. See this page: http://www.privacyprotection.ca.gov/sheets/cis10securityfreeze.htm.

Federal Trade Commission
Information for consumers from the FTC includes articles on topics such as identity theft (the subject of a presentation at the September 2004 CAPITAL meeting), "phishing," and consumer credit.

Domestic Violence

Kaiser Health Encyclopedia
Kaiser Permanente's Health Encyclopedia includes a definition of domestic violence and much other useful information.

My Sister's House
MSH is a Sacramento nonprofit helping domestic violence victims. Checklists for victims include "Am I a Victim" and "Leaving Checklist."

Health Information

California Communities United Institute
Calcomui, the advocacy group for people of color, women, the poor, and the LGBTI and AIDS/HIV communities, has a health-care language access page containing "I Speak [Language] Cards" to inform health care providers of the patient's language needs, which the provider is required to meet under SB 853. The cards are ready to download and print.

California Office of Multicultural Health
OMH, an office in the California Department of Health Services, has an informational page on legally required health-care language access for language access page containing a variety of materials on language assistance rights for health care.

The Asian American Network for Cancer Awareness, Research and Training has a number of fact sheets at its Language-Specific Resources page on various cancers, Hepatitis B, smoking and other cancer-related topics, in a variety of API languages and English.

Dental Health: American Dental Association
The ADA's "Oral Health Topics A-Z" page links you to informative articles on dental health.

Diabetes: American Diabetes Association
The Association's website contains a wealth of information starting with its "All About Diabetes" page.

Diet: American Dietetic Association
The ADA's Food & Nutrition Information page has links to a variety of nutrition information from birth on. The beginning point is an 8-page booklet entitled "Start Healthy, Stay Healthy: 5 Principles for Feeding Your Infant."

Foot Health: American Podiatric Medical Association
The association's Foot Health page has links including General Foot Health, covering topics from Aging and Your Feet to Warts. See also Beauty and Your Feet, Walking and Your Feet, and Diabetes Foot Health.

Heart Information from the University of Maryland
The university's Heart Information page has links to information sheets on heart health topics.

HHS Healthfinder
The United States Department of Health and Human Services' National Health Information Center's Healthfinder website, "Just for You" page, has an API link pointing to materials in English and Chinese, Hmong, Tongan and other API languages. Topics range from acupuncture to weight control. Other "Just for You" links point to materials for different genders and age groups.

HHS Office of Minority Health
The federal Office of Minority Health has publications on health consumer topics from Asthma to Women's Health, some in API languages such as Cambodian, Korean and Samoan.

Medi-Cal: California HealthCare Foundation
The Foundation's "Medi-Cal 101" page has links to useful information on California's medicaid program.

National Eye Institute
The NEI is one of the National Institutes of Health. Its Health Information page has links to information on eye disorders from Age-Related Macular Degeneration to Vitreous Detachment.

National Library of Medicine
NLM's Asian American Health page describes itself as a portal to issues affecting the health and well-being of Asian Americans in the United States. The page contains links to publications and other resources on AA health.

Obesity: Project Lean
California Project Lean, a joint program of the California Department of Health Services and the Public Health Institute, seeks to increase healthy eating and physical activity to reduce obesity and related diseases. Its Resource Library links to a page called "Resources for Parents and Other Adults" with useful information on obesity prevention.

Restaurant Health Inspections
This page by the Sacramento Bee lets you search for results of restaurant inspections done by the Sacramento County Department of Environmental Health. A story on Asian restaurants by Bee reporters Phillip Reese and Dan Nguyen, who did a presentation at the July 2008 CAPITAL meeting, links Asian cuisine with health inspection violations.

Sacramento County Division of Public Health
This Sacramento County page has a variety of health and health-related program links.

SARS: Seattle and King County Public Health
Seattle and King County's page on Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) includes fact sheets on this disease and Bird Flu.

Vaccines: Immunization Action Coalition
The Coalition's Vaccine Preventable Diseases page has links on eighteen diseases, including general information on the disease, stories about its victims, pictures and, of course, vaccine information.

Health Information, Children and Youth

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International
JDRF's Life with Diabetes FAQs page contains questions and answers for parents of a child who may have diabetes.

National Asian Pacific American Families Against Substance Abuse
NAPAFASA is a nonprofit addressing API Americans' alcohol, tobacco, and other drug problems. Its Parent Corps page links to a parents' video on teen drug use (in English) and Parent Corps brochures in three Asian languages.

Network of Care
Network of Care's website, created with a California Department of Aging grant, has a multilingual Developmental Disabilities page, with links to a variety of resources including services, library, assistive devices, support and advocacy, and legislation.

Health Information, Mental

American Association of Retired Persons
AARP's "health and wellbeing" page has many articles and multimedia online presentations on improving memory and mental sharpness.

American Psychiatric Association
The APA's Healthy Minds site features downloadable "Let's Talk Facts" brochures from "What is Mental Illness?" to "Mental Health of the Elderly."

Asian Community Mental Health Services in Oakland
The ACMHS's Newsroom has stories on, among other topics, post-partum depression.

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance
DBSA's page entitled "Getting the Treatment you Need" has links to articles on medications, psychotherapy, group therapy, diet and other treatment topics of concern to depression and bipolar (manic-depressive) disorder sufferers and their families and friends.

Dr. Ivan's Depression Central
This site on depression and bipolar disorder has a search window for terms like "depression," with 136 entries, and "elderly," with 34.

Mental Health Association in California
The MHAC, which exists to provide advocacy, education and information so that all people needing mental health services can receive the services they need, has a Mental Health Topics page with links to articles on topics from Anxiety Disorders through Suicide.

National Alliance on Mental Illness
NAMI, a mental health advocacy organization, has a "Multicultural Action Center" page linking to a number of culturally appropriate resources, a "Find Support" page listing organizations you may find helpful including NAMI California, and an "Inform Yourself" page with links to information on medications and particular mental illnesses.

National Asian Pacific American Families Against Substance Abuse
NAPAFASA is a nonprofit organization addressing APIs' alcohol, tobacco, and other drug problems. Its Parent Corps page links to a parents' video on teen drug use (in English) and Parent Corps brochures in three Asian languages.

National Institute of Mental Health
NIMH, one of the National Institutes of Health, has a Mental Health Topics page with links to informative materials on topics from Anxiety Disorders to Social Phobia.

National Research Center on Asian American Mental Health
NRCAAMH was founded because of the need for API mental-health research. The Center aims to generate theoretical and applied research that will improve mental-health policy and service delivery to APIs. Check out its collection of scholarly publications.

Surgeon General (USPHS)
Mental Health: A Report of the Surgeon General is the full report on mental health by the head of the U.S. Public Health Service, with chapters on fundamentals, children's mental health, adult mental health, older adult mental health and more.

Health Information, Mental, Children and Youth

American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
The AACAP Facts for Families page gives concise information on common issues affecting children, adolescents and families, in English and one API language.

National Institute of Mental Health
NIMH has a "Child and Adolescent Mental Health" page covering common childhood and adolescent mental disorders, treatment and research information.

National Mental Health Association
NMHA is the country's oldest and largest advocacy group addressing mental health and mental illness. Its Children and Families page has facts and information on selected topics.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (a part of USDHHS)
SAMHSA's Children and Families page has numerous publications on child and adolescent mental health subjects.

Health Information, Senior

American Association of Retired Persons
AARP's health page has information on topics including insurance, Medicare (including the Medicare Part D drug benefit), affordable meds, using meds wisely, physical activity, and staying healthy.

50+ Wellness
The City of Sacramento Parks and Recreation page on 50+ Wellness lists senior walks and exercise classes and has links to the program's newsletter.

The official website of the federal Medicare program includes pages on the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan and other Medicare-related topics.

Network of Care
Network of Care's website, created with a California Department of Aging grant, has a variety of resources including a Sacramento Aging page, containing a service directory, library, a legislation page, and other resources on the subject of aging and disability.

Legal System Information

Administrative Office of the Courts, Self-Help Website
Helps you find legal assistance, learn about California law, work better with an attorney, and represent yourself in some legal matters.

Bankruptcy Information
The Consumer Information Center of the American Bankruptcy Institute was created to help members of the public seeking information about bankruptcy, its terminology, the filing process and where to find local assistance.

Consumer Affairs, California Department of
Includes Legal Guides, a library of online publications in areas such as landlord-tenant rights and small claims court, which is just one of Consumer Affairs' many informative features.

The California Divorce Guide is a comprehensive guide to general information about California divorce (dissolution of marriage) related issues, such as: alimony (spousal support), child support, child custody, visitation, property, procedural issues, and general tips and strategies. It is designed to provide the non-lawyer with an inexpensive yet comprehensive source of information about the divorce process.

Northern California Senior Legal Hotline
Connects you with the Hotline's free legal advice given by phone and e-mail to residents age 60 and over, and grandparents of any age.

Sacramento Superior Court
Information on the law and Sacramento's local courts, from a customer-friendly, prize-winning source. The Publications Page brings you downloadable "How It Works" brochures in several API and other languages on Family Law, Dependency, Small Claims, Traffic Court and Unlawful Detainer (evictions). The Sacramento Superior Court also has a pioneering Small Claims Electronic Filing System. This and other sites do not provide legal advice.

Senior Information and Services

American Association of Retired Persons
The AARP homepage has links on Issues and Elections, Learning and Technology, Health, Family, Home and Legal, Money and Work, and Travel. AARP also has an office in Sacramento at 980 Ninth St., Ste. 700, 866-448-3614.

Area 4 Agency on Aging
This agency has information on a number of senior resources and services including grandparenting and nutrition.

California Nursing Home Search
A partnership of the California HealthCare Foundation with the University of California, San Francisco, California Nursing Home Search seeks to help seniors and their loved ones understand alternatives like nursing-home care, home health care, hospice services, adult day health care and other care programs. The site rates every nursing home in the state, and a number of other service providers.

California Registry
A state-licensed free counseling and referral agency for seniors and their families, California Registry has information in areas such as in-home care, housing, health insurance and long-term care insurance.

Northern California Senior Legal Hotline
Connects you with the Hotline's free legal advice given by phone and e-mail to residents age 60 and over, and grandparents of any age.

Southeast Asian American Information

The Southeast Asia Resource Action Center, located in Sacramento and D.C., has a Southeast Asian American Online Resource Center page with papers on Southeast Asians and education, community organization and aging, and a Southeast Asian American Statistical Profile.


These three programs of the California Public Utilities Commission are aimed at the needs of deaf and disabled persons.

DTV Transition Coalition
This coalition's website is filled with useful information about the June 12 changeover to Digital TV.

TV Converter Box Coupon Program
Information and signups for the federal government's program of $40 discount coupons for Digital TV converter boxes. This program is administered by the U.D. Department of Commerce's National Telecommunications and Information Administration.

Youth Programs

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